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When you see a curve approaching,
just twist out of the way
when trouble jumps out of nowhere,
bend low and save the day
when a cloud drifts within reach,
catch hold and don’t let go
when the moon rocks on her ivory throne,
dance with me, real slow

When the world is drenched in silence,
listen with a patient ear
to the beat of the wind
carrying the clamour of a thousand unspoken prayers


An indigo sky


Restless clouds
Jostling each other
For space
Raging, billowing
Adorned in pretty lace
From a sliver of moonlight
Peeking its way
Through the dense blanket
That keeps brimming over,
Swirling around
Like a witch’s brewing pot
Turned upside down

A persistent low rumble
Keeping the background score
Supplying the beat
For the whistling wind
Enveloping every
Living being
And a sudden burst
Of lightning
Lighting up the mystic night
Illuminating your face
In an electric blue light

In that instant
Our eyes meet
As a clap of thunder
And time and space
Fuse together
Till all that remains
Is you, me, the indigo sky
And this enchanting weather..

A day like today


The world’s a pretty sight

Did you see it today?

It feels great to be alive

On a day like today!


The flowers lift their faces

As the sun spreads its rays

The birds fly in lazy circles

As if in a drunken haze.


In the distance, a river

meanders down its way

As it gushes over a rock,

It makes a merry spray.


A light wind rustles

though the leaves and hay

As a stray cloud passes overhead,

The shadows start to play.


Everything had seemed so dull

While you had been away

Now that you’re back,

A little longer, won’t you stay?


The world’s a pretty sight

And its indeed a beautiful day!

It feels great to be alive

On a day like today!!