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When you see a curve approaching,
just twist out of the way
when trouble jumps out of nowhere,
bend low and save the day
when a cloud drifts within reach,
catch hold and don’t let go
when the moon rocks on her ivory throne,
dance with me, real slow

When the world is drenched in silence,
listen with a patient ear
to the beat of the wind
carrying the clamour of a thousand unspoken prayers


Way-word phrases


Do these delicately arranged
words still remember
how to talk?
Stich together scattered phrases
then fall apart and run amok

Can they still take
wild flights of fancy
and tickle the brightest star?
Take one look at the bewitching moon
and crumble in a dazzling shower

I want to know if they can still seduce you,
tease you,
into an amoral dance.
Spin you into the wanton sunset,
then fold up and break the trance

Don’t they remember courting
and serenading
the reticent night?
Until the morning light…

Can they still draw music
from just a stick and stone?
I wonder if they’ve been numbed into silence
or simply lost their way home.

The Color of Silence


Another day,
I try again.
But she has
still not spoken.
Her silence
is absolute,
Her Colorful
hues are now
mere memories,
Reflections on
water, shattered
with ease.
Wake up please!
I’ll go insane,
I need you
to make me
whole again.
Love me
or don’t,
I don’t much care
Just talk to me.
Its your silence
that I can’t bear.