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Sleepy mornings


The minutes stretch long. A lazy cloud hangs overhead, doing its best to resist the pesky breeze which persists in pushing it all over the otherwise placid sky. The longer one looks, the more it seems like a carefully choreographed dance. Leaves rustle, bees hum and birds fly around doing whatever it is that birds do.

A day like this makes one feel anything is possible. I can almost feel an incredible wave of confidence- absolute, unwavering confidence- washing over me and kissing my very soul. There’s nothing i can’t do, no feat i can’t accomplish if i set my mind to it. Yes, a day like this makes one feel Alive!

I decide that the day calls for a bicycle ride, a journey over the path less ridden, a foray into the wild unknown, an exercise for the body as well as the mind. There’s nothing more refreshing than cruising through the lanes with the wind in your hair. There’s just one snag though. I don’t have a bicycle. Oh well, greater ideas have been brought to their knees by less complicated problems. Never mind, i am not discouraged that easily. There are deeds to be done, victories to be achieved- the world is waiting! 

My mental strides towards greatness are interrupted by the screams of a gull. Irritating creatures, gulls. Such a racket they make! Enough to drive a person crazy. But i have heard that they are extremely resourceful and intelligent birds. In fact, they can- wait a minute, Gulls? In Delhi?? How? One way or another, I’m sure America is responsible. Well, America is responsible for two thirds of the world’s problems so why not this? But back to the present problem- Gulls in Delhi! Is the government even aware of the situation? Of course, if the wild things have made up their minds to glide around the polluted Delhi skies, i doubt if the government will be able to do much about it. I guess it shall think of something. Although, its not easy to think in all that noise. It isn’t easy to sleep either, especially for babies. BABIES!! MY baby, to be exact!! Last i checked, he was still asleep. But now? I am hit by the rude realization that my baby is crying… Screaming, rather. So that explains the screaming gulls. In my defence, who would believe that such a tiny person can scream so loudly! The government can rest in peace, i’ve just averted a major crisis for them.

But never mind the government, i have a bigger problem at hand. The little devil is already up and i haven’t finished any chores yet. That could be because i haven’t even started. Where did the time fly??