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No Worries!!


Oh my dear Worrier

Stay still for a moment please!

You’re right at Happiness’ door

Where did you lose the keys??


I try to quell your worries

As best as I can

But you’re always a step ahead of me

No matter how well I plan!!


You cook up your worries much faster

Than I can slew them down!

Oh you bothersome little pest

They ought to gift you a crown!!


Your talents know no bounds, I say

You can see what the future holds

And while your visions seldom come true

You worry yourself into dark holes!


And surely, oh but surely

You’re a magician too!

How else would you conjure them

Out of thin air, the way you do?!?


You’re forever doubled over

With the troubles of this world

One harmless prod and I’m sure

You’ll cry like a little girl!


For once, won’t you listen to me

And shed the extra weight?

Try, come on, try harder now

I know its not too late!


Take out the key and open that door

Happiness awaits!

You’ll see how beautiful the world really is

Once you step in through the gates!!