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Sleepy mornings


The minutes stretch long. A lazy cloud hangs overhead, doing its best to resist the pesky breeze which persists in pushing it all over the otherwise placid sky. The longer one looks, the more it seems like a carefully choreographed dance. Leaves rustle, bees hum and birds fly around doing whatever it is that birds do.

A day like this makes one feel anything is possible. I can almost feel an incredible wave of confidence- absolute, unwavering confidence- washing over me and kissing my very soul. There’s nothing i can’t do, no feat i can’t accomplish if i set my mind to it. Yes, a day like this makes one feel Alive!

I decide that the day calls for a bicycle ride, a journey over the path less ridden, a foray into the wild unknown, an exercise for the body as well as the mind. There’s nothing more refreshing than cruising through the lanes with the wind in your hair. There’s just one snag though. I don’t have a bicycle. Oh well, greater ideas have been brought to their knees by less complicated problems. Never mind, i am not discouraged that easily. There are deeds to be done, victories to be achieved- the world is waiting! 

My mental strides towards greatness are interrupted by the screams of a gull. Irritating creatures, gulls. Such a racket they make! Enough to drive a person crazy. But i have heard that they are extremely resourceful and intelligent birds. In fact, they can- wait a minute, Gulls? In Delhi?? How? One way or another, I’m sure America is responsible. Well, America is responsible for two thirds of the world’s problems so why not this? But back to the present problem- Gulls in Delhi! Is the government even aware of the situation? Of course, if the wild things have made up their minds to glide around the polluted Delhi skies, i doubt if the government will be able to do much about it. I guess it shall think of something. Although, its not easy to think in all that noise. It isn’t easy to sleep either, especially for babies. BABIES!! MY baby, to be exact!! Last i checked, he was still asleep. But now? I am hit by the rude realization that my baby is crying… Screaming, rather. So that explains the screaming gulls. In my defence, who would believe that such a tiny person can scream so loudly! The government can rest in peace, i’ve just averted a major crisis for them.

But never mind the government, i have a bigger problem at hand. The little devil is already up and i haven’t finished any chores yet. That could be because i haven’t even started. Where did the time fly?? 


Of promises and unfettered dreams


Didn’t you promise to sing these blues away 

coax some meaning out of my muddled words

well, hurry up then, i’m already two thirds 

drunk on the sultry moonlight…

I haven’t forgotten that you dream 

only in black and white 

but my glasses 

are shaded, you see 

(and its not just me)

even the jaded sunlight likes to break free 

into a symphony of colors 

once in a while

and did i mention that i love your smile?

aren’t we too caught up 

in the sway of the stars;

who pays any attention to the hours 


or the ceaseless murmuring of the trees 

maybe all you really need 

is to allow yourself to drift a bit 

upon this unchained breeze. 

As for me, I’m all set 

to glide along, 

waiting for my promised song.

Not scary enough?


Hi all!

This week Trifecta gave us the following illustration and asked us to write 33 words on what happens next. Here’s my version of things-

Artist Credit: Dan Duford

‘Look Ma, ain’t i the scariest? Soon i shall be famous like you promised.’

‘Bah! Forget it Swampy! That silly whatsisname with the pumpkin face… He’s the talk of the town these days.’

The Hot Air Balloon


He thinks he’s so cool
But i’m nobody’s fool.
When we’re discussing birds and bees
He talks of apples and trees.
That might be okay too,
if he only knew
What not to say,
but he gets so carried away!

He’s done it more than once,
seems to jump at every chance
of putting his foot in his mouth,
from which point, things start heading south.

Like a hot air balloon
mistakenly cut loose,
he’s blissfully unaware
of his sorry state of affairs.

But don’t worry yourself in vain,
he shall fall and rise again.
And when talk turns to the apple tree
I shall politely tell him,
Lets agree to disagree.

Fooling around


Underneath this whimsical sky
loop half-told tales and
honeyed tufts of lies.
Courting danger’s all well
and I won’t kiss and tell
but when you see
the clouds collide and topple,

I wrote this for this week’s Trifextra ( and had a whole lot of fun writing it too!!)



The boy shivered with barely suppresed terror as he stood in the middle of the clearing, frozen in place by her determined gaze. He had known for a while that she was on his trail, had known that his size and built made him an irresistible target to her. Yet when the moment finally came, it was nothing like anything he had ever imagined. The sun was sinking rapidly and a chill was beginning to creep in and envelop the atmosphere- it was her favorite time of the day, and that meant there was no possibility of escape.

She stood exactly twelve feet away from him. It was a little detail she was extremely particular about. From her predatory position, she could see the liquid fear in the boy’s eyes, hear the fluttering agitation of his tiny heart. She could feel him being torn apart by the intense urge to run and a strong sense to stay put and face his fate. She smiled to herself, knowing he wasn’t going anywhere. They never did.

He watched her closely, captivated by her deliberate manner, as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other and perfected her stance. He saw her right hand reach down to her waist and pull out her ‘hunting’ knife. Her eyes narrowed with concentration, she pulled back and in one practiced stroke, sent the knife whizzing.

The knife flew through the air and neatly sliced into the apple placed on the boy’s head. A perfect shot. He fell to the ground, nearly sobbing with relief. He had survived… At least until tomorrow.

This was written for Trifecta.

How the mighty have fallen


Look at her, oozing confidence
Oh! Its almost obscene
Such a conceited, cocksure, ding-a-ling
the world has never seen.

She knows it all, or so she thinks
Us lesser mortals aren’t worth her time
She won’t even listen to what you say
Unless you can say it in rhyme

Her feet never touch the ground
Her nose is always in the sky
Where the world totters, she dances through,
proudly prancing by

She’s got the world inside her palm
Like things can never go wrong
They never did either, not until
that fateful day came along

The day nature failed to respond
to the touch of her magic hand
Suffice to say, things did not go
at all as she had planned

Luck finally did a turnaround
while she walked Her hallowed halls
Its sad, but strangely satisfying
when the mighty finally fall

Her crimson cheeks were a sight to behold
Her hands and feet had gone all cold
Humbled, she looked ready to fold
Who could say she’d once been bold??

I may berate but cannot hate
for she is me and i am her
What happened, i shall never tell
I’ve locked it away in a secret cell
The lesson was learnt when things went wrong
Now make what you want to of this song