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Together no more….


I still vividly remember

The day we first met

It was a late summer evening

The sun had just set…



You were on the other side of the window

Yet you seemed a world away

I knew I had to make you mine

There couldn’t be any other way!


Hesitantly, I approached you

Scared that you won’t understand

That you would make fun of my feelings

And refuse to hold my hand.


But the gentle soul that you were

You gave yourself over to me

And just as simple as that

‘You’ and ‘I’ became ‘We’!


You put a spring in my step

You made me stand tall

You made me feel beautiful

With you, I could never fall.


I remember how we ran laughing down the aisle

How we danced and we swirled

Our love was there for all to see

We were the envy of the world!!


Rarely did two souls ever ‘fit’ so perfectly

True love was hard to find..

Then why did you suddenly ‘break’ away from me?

What made you change your mind?


Do you even know

How mercilessly you stamped on my heart?

I’m back to being as ‘alone’

As I was at the very start


And now I really don’t know

What I’m going to do…

Where am I going to find another

Beautiful pair of red stilettos like you??