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Letting go and catching hold


Lets unmake
this tearing haste,
the meticulously scattered thoughts
in our heads,
this bed…

Lets unfind
these worry lines,
the convoluted chains
ensnaring our hearts,
this half hearted start…

Lets unclench
these silly fears,
the savagely guarded
prejudices on our lists,
these fists…

Rather, lets pick up
all loose ends,
begin again
at the very center this time.
Lets blur the lines
just once
allow ourselves to be led by our hearts.
Who knows, that might be the start
we’ve been looking for….


Homeward bound


The half told tale

is getting pale,

setting sail…

I’m left stranded


Your uncertain smile

is taking a while

to cover these miles…

I come away empty handed


My lonely heart,

weary from the start,

is done playing its part…

I have finally landed.



In memory of a dear friend who, some time back, decided she had had enough of life.

Way-word phrases


Do these delicately arranged
words still remember
how to talk?
Stich together scattered phrases
then fall apart and run amok

Can they still take
wild flights of fancy
and tickle the brightest star?
Take one look at the bewitching moon
and crumble in a dazzling shower

I want to know if they can still seduce you,
tease you,
into an amoral dance.
Spin you into the wanton sunset,
then fold up and break the trance

Don’t they remember courting
and serenading
the reticent night?
Until the morning light…

Can they still draw music
from just a stick and stone?
I wonder if they’ve been numbed into silence
or simply lost their way home.

Fooling around


Underneath this whimsical sky
loop half-told tales and
honeyed tufts of lies.
Courting danger’s all well
and I won’t kiss and tell
but when you see
the clouds collide and topple,

I wrote this for this week’s Trifextra ( and had a whole lot of fun writing it too!!)

A golden sunset


Its been a glorius summer

Wouldn’t you say so, my love?


I can never forget

the soft summer sky,

You and I

floating on the velvet breeze

flitting from tree to tree

in that playful way

of ours.

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Don’t you remember

chasing the sun?

flying too close,

getting burned

and then turning to chase

each other instead.

Losing ourselves

in the moment.


We painted a pretty picture

didn’t we?

As we sailed across the speckled sky

into the golden sunset

joined together


My heart still sings

when I think of it.


Now the winter has begun

and it promises to be

an especially cold one.

But I’m not scared

as long as I’m with you


So lets turn up our feet

to dry, lie


We may not still be here

when the summer dawns anew

but thats ok too

I know I’ve got many more lifetimes

and summers

left with you.

The Color of Silence


Another day,
I try again.
But she has
still not spoken.
Her silence
is absolute,
Her Colorful
hues are now
mere memories,
Reflections on
water, shattered
with ease.
Wake up please!
I’ll go insane,
I need you
to make me
whole again.
Love me
or don’t,
I don’t much care
Just talk to me.
Its your silence
that I can’t bear.

To Mumbai, with love


To my dearest city, Mumbai…

Every tale must end at some point and I guess the day fast approaches when our tale must end too.

Soon we’ll have to say goodbye to each other. Its no use pretending that we didn’t want this to happen. We are different, you and I. You were always too fast for me, never pausing for a moment, always so restless. Me, I like to take things slow, enjoy the scenery as I go about my life. I’m also not as accommodating, or I should say embracing as you are. Your willingness to take in just about everybody into your ambit without ever demanding anything in return never failed to annoy me. Although… I suppose I ought to be grateful that you’re so benevolent because six years ago, you took me in too. Unconditionally. And what did I give you in return? I cribbed about you to anyone who’d care to listen, made fun of your many flaws, hated you with all my being… You gave me space to live and I complained about it being too inadequate, you gave me a job and I fretted over the time it took me to reach work each day. No matter what you did, it was never enough.

Except that it was…. I just refused to see it.

I was too fixated with the idea of returning ‘home’ one day. Now I’m finally going home, to begin a new life. And you know what? I’m actually going to miss you! I made some of my best friends here, created some of my most amazing memories here.. this is also where I met my soulmate and decided to spend the rest of my life with him!

As we part ways now, despite all our differences, I know I shall be back.. even if its just for a visit. You are that addictive!



This is in response to this week’s Trifecta writing challenge, using the word ‘New’: