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The Hot Air Balloon


He thinks he’s so cool
But i’m nobody’s fool.
When we’re discussing birds and bees
He talks of apples and trees.
That might be okay too,
if he only knew
What not to say,
but he gets so carried away!

He’s done it more than once,
seems to jump at every chance
of putting his foot in his mouth,
from which point, things start heading south.

Like a hot air balloon
mistakenly cut loose,
he’s blissfully unaware
of his sorry state of affairs.

But don’t worry yourself in vain,
he shall fall and rise again.
And when talk turns to the apple tree
I shall politely tell him,
Lets agree to disagree.


Fooling around


Underneath this whimsical sky
loop half-told tales and
honeyed tufts of lies.
Courting danger’s all well
and I won’t kiss and tell
but when you see
the clouds collide and topple,

I wrote this for this week’s Trifextra ( and had a whole lot of fun writing it too!!)

How the mighty have fallen


Look at her, oozing confidence
Oh! Its almost obscene
Such a conceited, cocksure, ding-a-ling
the world has never seen.

She knows it all, or so she thinks
Us lesser mortals aren’t worth her time
She won’t even listen to what you say
Unless you can say it in rhyme

Her feet never touch the ground
Her nose is always in the sky
Where the world totters, she dances through,
proudly prancing by

She’s got the world inside her palm
Like things can never go wrong
They never did either, not until
that fateful day came along

The day nature failed to respond
to the touch of her magic hand
Suffice to say, things did not go
at all as she had planned

Luck finally did a turnaround
while she walked Her hallowed halls
Its sad, but strangely satisfying
when the mighty finally fall

Her crimson cheeks were a sight to behold
Her hands and feet had gone all cold
Humbled, she looked ready to fold
Who could say she’d once been bold??

I may berate but cannot hate
for she is me and i am her
What happened, i shall never tell
I’ve locked it away in a secret cell
The lesson was learnt when things went wrong
Now make what you want to of this song

The Color of Silence


Another day,
I try again.
But she has
still not spoken.
Her silence
is absolute,
Her Colorful
hues are now
mere memories,
Reflections on
water, shattered
with ease.
Wake up please!
I’ll go insane,
I need you
to make me
whole again.
Love me
or don’t,
I don’t much care
Just talk to me.
Its your silence
that I can’t bear.

To Mumbai, with love


To my dearest city, Mumbai…

Every tale must end at some point and I guess the day fast approaches when our tale must end too.

Soon we’ll have to say goodbye to each other. Its no use pretending that we didn’t want this to happen. We are different, you and I. You were always too fast for me, never pausing for a moment, always so restless. Me, I like to take things slow, enjoy the scenery as I go about my life. I’m also not as accommodating, or I should say embracing as you are. Your willingness to take in just about everybody into your ambit without ever demanding anything in return never failed to annoy me. Although… I suppose I ought to be grateful that you’re so benevolent because six years ago, you took me in too. Unconditionally. And what did I give you in return? I cribbed about you to anyone who’d care to listen, made fun of your many flaws, hated you with all my being… You gave me space to live and I complained about it being too inadequate, you gave me a job and I fretted over the time it took me to reach work each day. No matter what you did, it was never enough.

Except that it was…. I just refused to see it.

I was too fixated with the idea of returning ‘home’ one day. Now I’m finally going home, to begin a new life. And you know what? I’m actually going to miss you! I made some of my best friends here, created some of my most amazing memories here.. this is also where I met my soulmate and decided to spend the rest of my life with him!

As we part ways now, despite all our differences, I know I shall be back.. even if its just for a visit. You are that addictive!



This is in response to this week’s Trifecta writing challenge, using the word ‘New’:

The Unwanted Visitor!


Oh, I see you’re back again!

Stop following me around, my friend

Haven’t we talked about this before?

You still don’t get it, you’re dense to the core!


There you sit, devising ways to ensnare me,

Go away, you don’t scare me!

Go and camp on someone else’ floor

You’re not welcome here anymore!


You’re a smooth operator, I know you are

I hate to admit it, but you do have some power

Once you’ve arrived, its hard to make you leave

I would talk about manners, but you don’t have any, I believe!


I despise your wicked, underhanded ways

How you sneak up undetected, avoiding my gaze!

But I’m smarter than you, I’ll have you know!

You’d better leave quietly, or I’ll make you go.


Don’t force me to run and throw you off my trail

‘Cos I’m sure that will really tip the scale

And if that doesn’t work, I can hop and skip

Then lets see how you manage to keep your grip!


Begone!!! You worthless load of extra pounds!

I don’t want to see you around!

Make no trouble and I’ll be nice

Else I’ll be forced to EXERCISE!!