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Of promises and unfettered dreams


Didn’t you promise to sing these blues away 

coax some meaning out of my muddled words

well, hurry up then, i’m already two thirds 

drunk on the sultry moonlight…

I haven’t forgotten that you dream 

only in black and white 

but my glasses 

are shaded, you see 

(and its not just me)

even the jaded sunlight likes to break free 

into a symphony of colors 

once in a while

and did i mention that i love your smile?

aren’t we too caught up 

in the sway of the stars;

who pays any attention to the hours 


or the ceaseless murmuring of the trees 

maybe all you really need 

is to allow yourself to drift a bit 

upon this unchained breeze. 

As for me, I’m all set 

to glide along, 

waiting for my promised song.


A reason to smile


The playful wind tried
to draw me in,
draw me out
of my sullen whim
I rebeled,
with all my might,
refused to give in,
give up
without a fight

The sun too gazed,
tried to erase
my darkened mood
with its charming rays
The rays
could not touch me
inject me,
infect me
with life,
the rays
could not affect me

But when
the silver moon beckoned
The temptress,
in her element,
fearless and strong,
giving the blue night
a reason to smile
I knew then,
I too had got mine.
A reason to
live and love and hope,
just be,
and the strength
to cope.
The truth was right there,
The moon was right..
The choice was mine.

This is my entry for this week’s Trifecta writing challenge. Do check out the other entries too!

A golden sunset


Its been a glorius summer

Wouldn’t you say so, my love?


I can never forget

the soft summer sky,

You and I

floating on the velvet breeze

flitting from tree to tree

in that playful way

of ours.

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Don’t you remember

chasing the sun?

flying too close,

getting burned

and then turning to chase

each other instead.

Losing ourselves

in the moment.


We painted a pretty picture

didn’t we?

As we sailed across the speckled sky

into the golden sunset

joined together


My heart still sings

when I think of it.


Now the winter has begun

and it promises to be

an especially cold one.

But I’m not scared

as long as I’m with you


So lets turn up our feet

to dry, lie


We may not still be here

when the summer dawns anew

but thats ok too

I know I’ve got many more lifetimes

and summers

left with you.

The Color of Silence


Another day,
I try again.
But she has
still not spoken.
Her silence
is absolute,
Her Colorful
hues are now
mere memories,
Reflections on
water, shattered
with ease.
Wake up please!
I’ll go insane,
I need you
to make me
whole again.
Love me
or don’t,
I don’t much care
Just talk to me.
Its your silence
that I can’t bear.

Losing Myself


I was happy

& carefree

I was doing just fine

Along came


And ruined my life


I wasn’t worried about

The perils

Tomorrow might bring

They taught me to

Anticipate the future

& I lost my will to sing


I loved not knowing

Where my path

Would lead today

They taught me to

Plan ahead

& I felt my excitement ebb away


My life was a kaleidoscope

Of colors

In every shade

They taught me to

Walk the line

& my colors faded into grey


The little things in life

Used to please me

The most

They taught me

To focus on the bigger picture

& my pleasures became lifeless ghosts


So profound

Was the effect

Education had on me

I went from being

A vibrant soul

To a sophisticated wannabe

I still search for

My former self

In the depths of my heart

Who knows, maybe one day

I’ll find her

& we’ll make a fresh start

Together no more….


I still vividly remember

The day we first met

It was a late summer evening

The sun had just set…



You were on the other side of the window

Yet you seemed a world away

I knew I had to make you mine

There couldn’t be any other way!


Hesitantly, I approached you

Scared that you won’t understand

That you would make fun of my feelings

And refuse to hold my hand.


But the gentle soul that you were

You gave yourself over to me

And just as simple as that

‘You’ and ‘I’ became ‘We’!


You put a spring in my step

You made me stand tall

You made me feel beautiful

With you, I could never fall.


I remember how we ran laughing down the aisle

How we danced and we swirled

Our love was there for all to see

We were the envy of the world!!


Rarely did two souls ever ‘fit’ so perfectly

True love was hard to find..

Then why did you suddenly ‘break’ away from me?

What made you change your mind?


Do you even know

How mercilessly you stamped on my heart?

I’m back to being as ‘alone’

As I was at the very start


And now I really don’t know

What I’m going to do…

Where am I going to find another

Beautiful pair of red stilettos like you??