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No Worries!!


Oh my dear Worrier

Stay still for a moment please!

You’re right at Happiness’ door

Where did you lose the keys??


I try to quell your worries

As best as I can

But you’re always a step ahead of me

No matter how well I plan!!


You cook up your worries much faster

Than I can slew them down!

Oh you bothersome little pest

They ought to gift you a crown!!


Your talents know no bounds, I say

You can see what the future holds

And while your visions seldom come true

You worry yourself into dark holes!


And surely, oh but surely

You’re a magician too!

How else would you conjure them

Out of thin air, the way you do?!?


You’re forever doubled over

With the troubles of this world

One harmless prod and I’m sure

You’ll cry like a little girl!


For once, won’t you listen to me

And shed the extra weight?

Try, come on, try harder now

I know its not too late!


Take out the key and open that door

Happiness awaits!

You’ll see how beautiful the world really is

Once you step in through the gates!!


Dream a Dream


Let sleep cast a spell

As I close my eyes tonight

Let no one disturb me

Until the morning light


Let me lay aside my fears

And my worries of the day

As I lose myself in a dream

And go to a land far away


A land that has no boundaries

Where wishes do come true

Where no prayer goes unanswered

Where the sky is bright and blue


For there are so many things I wanted

That I did never get

Though that’s okay ‘cos I know

God gave me what was best


So let me dream of things that never were

And may never even be

If only in a dream, let me live

My sweetest fantasy


Let me sleep like a child

As I dream a dream tonight

Let no one wake me up

Until the sun is shining bright

1…2…3……… GO!!!


What is the world coming to? Everywhere I turn, I see people running- running to reach some undefined destination or to achieve some amorphous goal. Sometimes, even for no fathomable rhyme or reason- because they have forgotten what its like to not run all the time. And time is what they don’t have.

And while I sit here in judgment of these people, I know that I’m no different from them- ‘cos I’ve been running too….


It’s a race to the finish

And I’m caught up in it!


And I’ve been running hard

Running all my life,

Running for my life,

Running from life?


Running towards a goal,

That I don’t even know.

A goal that I lost sight of,

A long time ago!

Or am I running away from something?


I’ve been racing ahead,

So I do not fall behind.

Racing through time

Which will never come back.


Racing towards a place

That I might never find.

Not pausing even long enough

To etch the journey in my mind!

Or is it the memories I’m afraid of?


And as I look around me

I see all unfamiliar faces

Faces that never stay constant,

Ever changing faces.


I know that I must slow down,

Slow down before I crash.

Except that I don’t know how!

I’m going way too fast!!


Yes, I have been running. And so, I suppose, have you, for I’m sure we crossed each other at some point. Maybe we’ll manage to slow down and admire the view before life passes us by. I certainly hope so, because this is one race I wouldn’t mind losing. I’d rather reach the finish line later than sooner.


What about you?

The Life of a Tenant


Its that time of the year again- the time every tenant (every tenant in my city anyway) dreads. The time that gives rise to panic, anxiety attacks and confusion, which leads to more panic, more anxiety attacks and more confusion and…. It’s a vicious circle really! Yes, its THAT time- MOVING time!!!

If you’ve only ever lived in your own house, you have a lot to thank God for! Seriously. And if you live in Mumbai in your own house….. you’re smirking right now, aren’t you?? Yeah, well, smirk away. I would too, if I were you!

Unfortunately, I don’t bathe in gold, so owning a house in Mumbai is out of the question. I’m just a pushed- around, ill-treated, swindled-in-every-way-possible tenant. An exaggeration? Well maybe, just a tad…

But really, life’s not a bowl of peaches when every 11 months you have to pick up your bags and move out, leaving it all behind- those evasive neighbors whom you finally managed to glimpse and greet only last month, the grocery store downstairs which NEVER had anything you asked for, the newspaperman who always punctually delivered the newspaper AFTER you had left for work- the list goes on. Pathetic as it may sound, they all become indispensable once you get used to the mundane routine. Imagine having to search for all this/ these afresh. Oh, the agony!!

The good news is that at least finding a house on rent in this city is not difficult- Rather, I’d say it’s awfully easy! Yes, its awfully easy if you don’t mind living in a space the size of a shoebox or cooking in the gallery (for the kitchen is IN the gallery- what were they thinking??) or stacking suitcases, etc. on top of the wardrobe (for there is no other storage space) or calling that narrow ledge outside the window a “balcony” (what a joke!). Either that, or be ready to shell out rents which can only be termed as obscene. The daylight robbery doesn’t stop there- you do, of course, have to pay a fat sum of money i.e. “The Deposit”, to the landlord upfront. Of course.

And now (sigh), its time for me to do just all that- search for a new place to call home, haggle with the landlord over the rent and the deposit as though my life depended on it, pack up my little world, move, unpack and begin a new life again- In short, Panic, Anxiety Attacks and Confusion!!!

Hopefully, once all this is done, I’ll be able to sit back and relax- well, for the next 11 months anyway!

P.S.: For S, who dreads moving even more than I do 🙂

My small world


When I was a kid,

My mother told me

I am the center of her universe,

And my father said

I am the apple of his eye,

And naïve as I was, I took that to mean,

I am everything, I am supreme!

For my world was tiny,

And I was endearing,

As only a kid can be.


When I started going to school,

I realized there are hundreds others just like me.

The world suddenly seemed much bigger!

Still, my teachers told me

I am hardworking and sincere,

And my best friend said

I am absolutely the greatest.

And naïve as I was, I took that to mean

I am very special, I am better than the rest!

For my world was still quite small

And I was innocent,

As only a child can be.


When college began,

I realized I am one among thousands, maybe more

The world had split wide open!

Still, my professors told me

I have potential, I shall go far

And my friends said

I am the most dependable,

And naïve as I was, I took that to mean

I’m a ‘somebody’, I’m good enough!

For my world was not yet big enough,

And I was a dreamer

As only a dewy-eyed college girl can be.


Then almost as if at once,

I grew up into an adult, I was on my own.

It hit me that the real world is actually MUCH bigger than I had ever imagined!

Now there are many who lavish hollow praises on me

And many who pretend to care

But polished as I have become, I realize

That it is my family and my friends who truly matter

For I understand that the real world may be huge

But my world… is still small!

And though I often make mistakes,

I walk with my feet firmly planted on the ground

As only a confident woman can.


Whoever came up with the idea of low-cost airfares for domestic routes was a genius! And i speak from my heart when i say this. After all, how else would it have been possible for common people like you and me to experience the wonders of a plane journey?

Before you start going into the economics of low-cost flights and their financial (un)viability from the long term point of view, let me clarify that I’m not talking about such complex issues. Nor is it my intention to debate whether the fares are actually low or not (how low is low really??). Rather, what I’m trying to say is that were it not for these low cost flights, most of us would still be forced to endure the horrors of a train journey.

By now, I’m sure, its apparent that I dislike travelling by trains. Chiefly, because of 2 reasons- One, they take ages to reach the destination (which wouldn’t be such a bad thing, except for the second reason). Two, you could end up sharing a compartment with just about anybody (I really need not be any more specific here!). It is on these two factors that the fate of a ‘happy journey’ is delicately hinged upon.

A recent journey from Mumbai to Goa by train (yeah well, this time the low cost fares were indeed not low so we had no choice!) renewed my dislike for trains. Just as my husband and I were settling down into our seats, a big group of almost 15 people and 30 bags (!!!) walked in and started hunting around for their seat numbers. Unfortunately (for us), all their seats were not together, so for the next 15 minutes, till they could request and cajole other passengers into moving around so that they could as ‘together’ as possible, there was total chaos all around. And that was only the beginning. Being a big group, they naturally assumed that it is their duty to keep the rest of the passengers in the bogie apprised of how much fun they were having by talking (more like shouting) at the top of their voices. All of us were also kept well informed of each and every food item consumed by them. I guess that they had probably also bet on who in the group would be loser enough to sleep first (for none of them slept a wink) and so, of course, the rest of us also did not sleep. Given that a major part of the journey was covered in the night, you don’t need me to tell you that our journey was no fun at all!!

Well, fortunately our stay in Goa was amazing so the train journey now seems like a minor blemish on n otherwise fantastic vacation.

Its just that when people travel in big groups in a train, they forget anyone else exists and presume that the ‘group’ gives them the license to be as loud as they please. A liberty that airplanes (fortunately) do not permit. For all my criticism of trains and groups, it would not be fair if I did not confess that I too have travelled in really large groups in trains (the good old college days and college trips!) and behaved in exactly the same (maybe worse) manner as I described above. Now would also be a good time to mention that I am, at the moment, heading back to Mumbai in (you guessed it!) a train. After all, where else can you find the time to write an article? A plane journey is really too short, isn’t it?!?

Train troubles!