Idle, amused,

Carefree, confused.

A romantic to the very core,

In other words, your average girl-next-door.


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  1. Well, my average-girl-next-door who owns above-average number of shoes for sure and is far from the average person in many other respects too, I love the way you’ve laid out your blog and I think you could have acareer in fashion/interior decoration/art if it interests you 🙂 If the first two posts are anything to go by, I can only say I’m looking forward to more.

    • Rashmenon: You are too kind…. and modest to say the least! Considering that you are the inspiration behind this blog (and i speak the truth here!!), your appreciation means a lot!!

    • Thank you for the nomination! I can’t help but accept such a nice gesture! 🙂 I love reading your posts cos they are so beautifully written… and its an absolute delight to be part of your some of your posts as i know i’m in good hands!! As long as you keep writing, i promise to be your faithful reader, always:)

  2. Hey Neetika! Glad to have come across this blog with such good writing! I’d be following your blog for more of your stuff, hoping the same from you! 🙂


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