Not scary enough?


Hi all!

This week Trifecta gave us the following illustration and asked us to write 33 words on what happens next. Here’s my version of things-

Artist Credit: Dan Duford

‘Look Ma, ain’t i the scariest? Soon i shall be famous like you promised.’

‘Bah! Forget it Swampy! That silly whatsisname with the pumpkin face… He’s the talk of the town these days.’


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  1. I liked how you linked the two Halloween characters together but more than that, I liked the family dynamic of a child seeking support to be his best and the parent not really holding up their end of the deal. Parents do so much, positive or negative, to shape their child’s self-esteem. You captured that very, very well. As a teacher who deals with kids who never get positive reinforcement from their parents, I appreciate what you did a lot! You have incorporated a serious message into a silly cartoon. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much Tom! Yes, its sad when kids do not get the kind of approval and support they are looking for from their parents. Unfortunately, parents don’t always realise the damage they are causing until its quite late.

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