Monthly Archives: May 2013

Fooling around


Underneath this whimsical sky
loop half-told tales and
honeyed tufts of lies.
Courting danger’s all well
and I won’t kiss and tell
but when you see
the clouds collide and topple,

I wrote this for this week’s Trifextra ( and had a whole lot of fun writing it too!!)




The boy shivered with barely suppresed terror as he stood in the middle of the clearing, frozen in place by her determined gaze. He had known for a while that she was on his trail, had known that his size and built made him an irresistible target to her. Yet when the moment finally came, it was nothing like anything he had ever imagined. The sun was sinking rapidly and a chill was beginning to creep in and envelop the atmosphere- it was her favorite time of the day, and that meant there was no possibility of escape.

She stood exactly twelve feet away from him. It was a little detail she was extremely particular about. From her predatory position, she could see the liquid fear in the boy’s eyes, hear the fluttering agitation of his tiny heart. She could feel him being torn apart by the intense urge to run and a strong sense to stay put and face his fate. She smiled to herself, knowing he wasn’t going anywhere. They never did.

He watched her closely, captivated by her deliberate manner, as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other and perfected her stance. He saw her right hand reach down to her waist and pull out her ‘hunting’ knife. Her eyes narrowed with concentration, she pulled back and in one practiced stroke, sent the knife whizzing.

The knife flew through the air and neatly sliced into the apple placed on the boy’s head. A perfect shot. He fell to the ground, nearly sobbing with relief. He had survived… At least until tomorrow.

This was written for Trifecta.