Monthly Archives: January 2013

A golden sunset


Its been a glorius summer

Wouldn’t you say so, my love?


I can never forget

the soft summer sky,

You and I

floating on the velvet breeze

flitting from tree to tree

in that playful way

of ours.

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Don’t you remember

chasing the sun?

flying too close,

getting burned

and then turning to chase

each other instead.

Losing ourselves

in the moment.


We painted a pretty picture

didn’t we?

As we sailed across the speckled sky

into the golden sunset

joined together


My heart still sings

when I think of it.


Now the winter has begun

and it promises to be

an especially cold one.

But I’m not scared

as long as I’m with you


So lets turn up our feet

to dry, lie


We may not still be here

when the summer dawns anew

but thats ok too

I know I’ve got many more lifetimes

and summers

left with you.


The Color of Silence


Another day,
I try again.
But she has
still not spoken.
Her silence
is absolute,
Her Colorful
hues are now
mere memories,
Reflections on
water, shattered
with ease.
Wake up please!
I’ll go insane,
I need you
to make me
whole again.
Love me
or don’t,
I don’t much care
Just talk to me.
Its your silence
that I can’t bear.