Losing Myself


I was happy

& carefree

I was doing just fine

Along came


And ruined my life


I wasn’t worried about

The perils

Tomorrow might bring

They taught me to

Anticipate the future

& I lost my will to sing


I loved not knowing

Where my path

Would lead today

They taught me to

Plan ahead

& I felt my excitement ebb away


My life was a kaleidoscope

Of colors

In every shade

They taught me to

Walk the line

& my colors faded into grey


The little things in life

Used to please me

The most

They taught me

To focus on the bigger picture

& my pleasures became lifeless ghosts


So profound

Was the effect

Education had on me

I went from being

A vibrant soul

To a sophisticated wannabe

I still search for

My former self

In the depths of my heart

Who knows, maybe one day

I’ll find her

& we’ll make a fresh start


10 responses »

  1. Your piece is very thought provoking and I think I understand your premise. But don’t you think you are better off understanding, even if the joy of mystery is not ever present? Even the most educated person still sees mystery and enjoys discovery. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this.

      • Thanks Lumdog! I love reading your posts and I’m pleased to know you enjoyed my poem.

        Your point is well made. Practically speaking, you’re absolutely correct… Education is something that one can’t really do without. Its importance cannot be over-emphasized. The idea behind my poem is only to poke fun at some of its more drab aspects.

      • Thanks De! Yeah, wouldn’t life be amazing if we didn’t have to deal with all the worries and anxieties that seem to be a natural by-product of studying more and more? Its sad that we lose ourselves somewhere along the way, as we learn to dance to the tunes of the world.

  2. I have felt some of these feelings.. It’s so easy to let our childlike wonder fade away into a jaded view of the world. I always wanted to do creative things, but the need to have a “practical” job was impressed upon me. In time, I could no longer find creativity. (Luckily, it wasn’t lost forever…but I still have a “practical” job :))

    • Yeah… I know what you mean. The things that we ‘want’ to do are often overshadowed by the things that we ‘need’ to do to sustain ourselves in the world. It really is a pity, but then, such is life 🙂

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