1…2…3……… GO!!!


What is the world coming to? Everywhere I turn, I see people running- running to reach some undefined destination or to achieve some amorphous goal. Sometimes, even for no fathomable rhyme or reason- because they have forgotten what its like to not run all the time. And time is what they don’t have.

And while I sit here in judgment of these people, I know that I’m no different from them- ‘cos I’ve been running too….


It’s a race to the finish

And I’m caught up in it!


And I’ve been running hard

Running all my life,

Running for my life,

Running from life?


Running towards a goal,

That I don’t even know.

A goal that I lost sight of,

A long time ago!

Or am I running away from something?


I’ve been racing ahead,

So I do not fall behind.

Racing through time

Which will never come back.


Racing towards a place

That I might never find.

Not pausing even long enough

To etch the journey in my mind!

Or is it the memories I’m afraid of?


And as I look around me

I see all unfamiliar faces

Faces that never stay constant,

Ever changing faces.


I know that I must slow down,

Slow down before I crash.

Except that I don’t know how!

I’m going way too fast!!


Yes, I have been running. And so, I suppose, have you, for I’m sure we crossed each other at some point. Maybe we’ll manage to slow down and admire the view before life passes us by. I certainly hope so, because this is one race I wouldn’t mind losing. I’d rather reach the finish line later than sooner.


What about you?


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  1. “Running all my life, Running for my life, Running from life?” – nice use of words… This holds even truer for Mumbai life… I remember I also wrote sth on very similar lines… of course m not this great with language … 😉

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