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1…2…3……… GO!!!


What is the world coming to? Everywhere I turn, I see people running- running to reach some undefined destination or to achieve some amorphous goal. Sometimes, even for no fathomable rhyme or reason- because they have forgotten what its like to not run all the time. And time is what they don’t have.

And while I sit here in judgment of these people, I know that I’m no different from them- ‘cos I’ve been running too….


It’s a race to the finish

And I’m caught up in it!


And I’ve been running hard

Running all my life,

Running for my life,

Running from life?


Running towards a goal,

That I don’t even know.

A goal that I lost sight of,

A long time ago!

Or am I running away from something?


I’ve been racing ahead,

So I do not fall behind.

Racing through time

Which will never come back.


Racing towards a place

That I might never find.

Not pausing even long enough

To etch the journey in my mind!

Or is it the memories I’m afraid of?


And as I look around me

I see all unfamiliar faces

Faces that never stay constant,

Ever changing faces.


I know that I must slow down,

Slow down before I crash.

Except that I don’t know how!

I’m going way too fast!!


Yes, I have been running. And so, I suppose, have you, for I’m sure we crossed each other at some point. Maybe we’ll manage to slow down and admire the view before life passes us by. I certainly hope so, because this is one race I wouldn’t mind losing. I’d rather reach the finish line later than sooner.


What about you?


Together no more….


I still vividly remember

The day we first met

It was a late summer evening

The sun had just set…



You were on the other side of the window

Yet you seemed a world away

I knew I had to make you mine

There couldn’t be any other way!


Hesitantly, I approached you

Scared that you won’t understand

That you would make fun of my feelings

And refuse to hold my hand.


But the gentle soul that you were

You gave yourself over to me

And just as simple as that

‘You’ and ‘I’ became ‘We’!


You put a spring in my step

You made me stand tall

You made me feel beautiful

With you, I could never fall.


I remember how we ran laughing down the aisle

How we danced and we swirled

Our love was there for all to see

We were the envy of the world!!


Rarely did two souls ever ‘fit’ so perfectly

True love was hard to find..

Then why did you suddenly ‘break’ away from me?

What made you change your mind?


Do you even know

How mercilessly you stamped on my heart?

I’m back to being as ‘alone’

As I was at the very start


And now I really don’t know

What I’m going to do…

Where am I going to find another

Beautiful pair of red stilettos like you??

The Life of a Tenant


Its that time of the year again- the time every tenant (every tenant in my city anyway) dreads. The time that gives rise to panic, anxiety attacks and confusion, which leads to more panic, more anxiety attacks and more confusion and…. It’s a vicious circle really! Yes, its THAT time- MOVING time!!!

If you’ve only ever lived in your own house, you have a lot to thank God for! Seriously. And if you live in Mumbai in your own house….. you’re smirking right now, aren’t you?? Yeah, well, smirk away. I would too, if I were you!

Unfortunately, I don’t bathe in gold, so owning a house in Mumbai is out of the question. I’m just a pushed- around, ill-treated, swindled-in-every-way-possible tenant. An exaggeration? Well maybe, just a tad…

But really, life’s not a bowl of peaches when every 11 months you have to pick up your bags and move out, leaving it all behind- those evasive neighbors whom you finally managed to glimpse and greet only last month, the grocery store downstairs which NEVER had anything you asked for, the newspaperman who always punctually delivered the newspaper AFTER you had left for work- the list goes on. Pathetic as it may sound, they all become indispensable once you get used to the mundane routine. Imagine having to search for all this/ these afresh. Oh, the agony!!

The good news is that at least finding a house on rent in this city is not difficult- Rather, I’d say it’s awfully easy! Yes, its awfully easy if you don’t mind living in a space the size of a shoebox or cooking in the gallery (for the kitchen is IN the gallery- what were they thinking??) or stacking suitcases, etc. on top of the wardrobe (for there is no other storage space) or calling that narrow ledge outside the window a “balcony” (what a joke!). Either that, or be ready to shell out rents which can only be termed as obscene. The daylight robbery doesn’t stop there- you do, of course, have to pay a fat sum of money i.e. “The Deposit”, to the landlord upfront. Of course.

And now (sigh), its time for me to do just all that- search for a new place to call home, haggle with the landlord over the rent and the deposit as though my life depended on it, pack up my little world, move, unpack and begin a new life again- In short, Panic, Anxiety Attacks and Confusion!!!

Hopefully, once all this is done, I’ll be able to sit back and relax- well, for the next 11 months anyway!

P.S.: For S, who dreads moving even more than I do 🙂

Sounds just like my college days!


When the days were too short

And the nights unbearably long

When being apart seemed

So terribly wrong

When we spent more time

Outside the class than in

When to just utter the word

“study” was an unforgivable sin

When life was crazy in so many ways

Yes, that sounds just like my college days!


When giving “missed calls” was

the only way to survive

On a measly allowance that

Seemed to eat us alive

When the tastiest food

Wasn’t tasty at all

Unless eaten from the same plate

By us all

When life was crazy in so many ways

Yes, that sounds just like my college days!


When falling in love was

The easiest thing to do

And falling out of it was

Pretty simple too

When hearts would melt

with just a smile

When flirting with each other

Never went out of style

When life was crazy in so many ways

Yes, that sounds just like my college days!


When assignments were

All about “copy and paste”

When individual efforts were

An “unproductive waste”

When the difficult exam days

Were a breeze to get through

While in anticipation of the result

Some shed a tear or two

When life was crazy in so many ways

Yes, that sounds just like my college days!


When dreams were aplenty

And ambitions rode high

When it seemed so important

To touch the sky

When there was a “business opportunity”

In almost everything

When small words of praise

Could make the heart sing

When life was crazy in so many ways

Yes, that sounds just like my college days!


It was then that I made some of my

Best friends for life

While some went on to become

Husband and wife

And these were but a few of our many ways

Oh! I really miss my college days!!


P.S: This one is for all the “badelog” in my life 🙂