My small world


When I was a kid,

My mother told me

I am the center of her universe,

And my father said

I am the apple of his eye,

And naïve as I was, I took that to mean,

I am everything, I am supreme!

For my world was tiny,

And I was endearing,

As only a kid can be.


When I started going to school,

I realized there are hundreds others just like me.

The world suddenly seemed much bigger!

Still, my teachers told me

I am hardworking and sincere,

And my best friend said

I am absolutely the greatest.

And naïve as I was, I took that to mean

I am very special, I am better than the rest!

For my world was still quite small

And I was innocent,

As only a child can be.


When college began,

I realized I am one among thousands, maybe more

The world had split wide open!

Still, my professors told me

I have potential, I shall go far

And my friends said

I am the most dependable,

And naïve as I was, I took that to mean

I’m a ‘somebody’, I’m good enough!

For my world was not yet big enough,

And I was a dreamer

As only a dewy-eyed college girl can be.


Then almost as if at once,

I grew up into an adult, I was on my own.

It hit me that the real world is actually MUCH bigger than I had ever imagined!

Now there are many who lavish hollow praises on me

And many who pretend to care

But polished as I have become, I realize

That it is my family and my friends who truly matter

For I understand that the real world may be huge

But my world… is still small!

And though I often make mistakes,

I walk with my feet firmly planted on the ground

As only a confident woman can.


6 responses »

    • Thank u so much 🙂 its true, isn’t it… No matter hw big the universe may seem, our real world always was n always will be made up of those few people who matter!

    • Thank you so much for taking out the time to read it! Glad you life it 🙂
      And you’re absolutely right…. Life’s simple as long as we keep it simple and don’t lose focus! 🙂

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