The Passing Years


What is age, if not just a number?

So then why is everyone so terrified of getting older? Why are there so many ‘rules’ surrounding age? And who makes these rules anyway? Where does it say that for each birthday you celebrate (or don’t…whatever!), you must give up at least one activity, possession, habit, etc. that you took absolute delight in right up until then? Heaven forbid that you refuse to give it up, or you’ll surely be labeled “Immature”!

Now, I will not for a minute suggest that getting older is totally free of side- effects. Rather, I admit and acknowledge that there will come a day when you would have to start avoiding mirrors altogether. And you will probably end up suffering from more ailments that you can count off on your fingers. Yes (sigh), truth is harsh. Aging may not be the most pleasant experience, physically.

But mentally, it’s an entirely different story. I think it is correct to say that you are only as old (or young) as you believe yourself to be. I have seen so many 60+ year olds who are so full of life that its enough to put a teenager to shame. They go through life one day at a time and do absolutely everything- from going out with friends to shaking a leg or two at parties to working out to stay fit. They are not afraid of adding another candle to their birthday cake, rather, they cherish the idea of getting a bigger cake to celebrate the completion of another glorious year and mark the beginning of a new one. They take great pleasure in pursuing their hobbies and interests without giving a damn as to what the world thinks of it. Sure, you’ll say, they’re old! No one’s judging them!!

And that is exactly what it all boils down to, doesn’t it? What the world thinks is “appropriate”. But of course, the appropriateness of anything is (in)conveniently linked to the age of a person. And of COURSE we allow ourselves to be dictated by that ridiculous ‘age rulebook’ that says things like “Its okay to drink the night away till you’re 30, after that only 2 pegs are appropriate” or “Its absolutely inappropriate to laugh so hard at the age of 45” or “Love at first sight is wonderfully appropriate, so long as you’re a teenager”. Then is it any wonder that we dread the very thought of turning a year older??

Maybe we ought to listen to our hearts a little more and do what feels right to us, without worrying about whether we are young enough to pull it off. So go ahead, buy that pair of skinny jeans you’ve always coveted, or that guitar you felt you were too old to learn. For once, just forget yourself and feel what its like to fall in love all over again. In other words, just start living, and maybe the passing years won’t matter anymore!

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  1. Age is what u feel and not society…. which btw is made of ppl who make a face when u do something they would love to but cannot convince themselves to do … one can be 60 at 16 or vice-versa. Its individual mindset… so who cares if u sing at the top of ur voice in a train full of ppl… they will glare at u… ignore them they r full of their own selves and will remember u not once they reach their destination… unless u were singing at 2:00AM… then u become an amusing anecdote after a few days & help ppl laugh and reduce their age…….

  2. but, one pertinent question….
    kya aap pachvi paas se tez hai???

    jokes apart… loved your post… especially since my birthday is just around the corner

    • haha… no way! paanchvi-pass se tez to koi bhi nahi hai i’m sure! 😀

      Thank you so much 🙂 So i hope now you wont feel terrible about turning a year older!! Wish you a great b’day in advance!

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